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The Occupation of the American Mind is largely about the failure of mainstream American news media to do their job and provide balanced reporting about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So we’re not about to rely on them to pay attention to this film.

Instead, we’re relying on you.

If you want to join with us and help us get this film out to as wide an audience as possible, here are seven quick & easy things you can do right now:


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3. Send this tweet to your followers.


4. Host a screening on your campus or in your community.


5. Ask your public library to purchase a copy of the film so that it’s available at no cost to your community.


6. If you’re a professor or a student, ask your university library to purchase a copy of the film so that it’s available to everyone on campus as a classroom resource.


7. Consider a donation to help us in our grassroots distribution efforts.

We made this film for the simplest of reasons: because we believe government officials and mainstream media elites are denying the American people the basic information they need to make sense of one of the most consequential conflicts in the world. Regardless of where people stand on the conflict, we believe the American people deserve better. And we believe American democracy deserves better. Thank you for being a part of our effort to hold our news media —and our political leaders— accountable.