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"This is a film that demands to be seen. It shows, with devastating precision, how effective propaganda can hide crimes that are epic in scale and have catastrophic consequences. Please see this film, hire it, screen it, talk about it."

—Ken Loach, Director and Filmmaker


"Amazing! A must-watch documentary for anyone interested in understanding the truth of the Occupation and the failures of Western journalism."

—Marc Lamont Hill, CNN political analyst and host of HuffPost Live


"Harrowing and incendiary. A vital and unmissable film."

—Dave Zirin, The Nation


"A stunning exposé on how propaganda drives public opinion and, in turn, our understanding of reality. Here's the story of how American perceptions of the Middle East — as well as resulting legislation and military strategy — are engineered: from focus group to talking points to mortar fire."

—Douglas Rushkoff, Professor, Media Theory, CUNY, and Media Commentator for CNN


"One of the most compelling and important documentaries in recent years."

—John Pilger, journalist and filmmaker


"This hard-hitting, fact-based documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to understand the conflict and its distorted coverage in the corporate media."

—Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor, Media Studies, Rutgers University


"A remarkable achievement. Anyone who wishes to understand the deeper reasons for America's utter failure to bring peace to the region should begin by watching this powerful film."

—Avi Shlaim, author of The Iron Wall: Israel & the Arab World


"Compelling, revealing, and chilling. For over half a century, Americans drank the Kool-Aid concocted by the Israel lobby, the U.S. media, and virtually all elected officials because there were no alternatives. This film—like the movements that inspired it—is the antidote."

—Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination


"Brilliant. A must see for anyone who is against colonization."

—Neve Gordon, Professor of Politics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel


"A superb documentary that makes a devastatingly persuasive case."

—Jonathan Cook, journalist


"A powerful film that exposes an infuriating reality."

—Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink


"One of the most brilliant and important documentaries I have ever seen."

—Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


"As courageous as it is informative."

—Henry Giroux, McMaster University


"This terrific and memorable film comes at just the right time."

—Andrew Ross, New York University


"Every American needs to watch this film."

—Vijay Prashad, editor of Letters to Palestine: Writers Respond to War and Occupation


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